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FileShred is an easy-to-use application for securely shredding files or folders.

Simply drag-and-drop files/folder into the table to add them to the list, and click 'Shred!'.

The Block Size is the size of the Random byte buffer (in bytes), which is used in the shredding process, the Shred loop is the number of times to shred each file, and the erase data is the data the buffer is filled with.


To update FileShred, go to the menu (by clicking the gear icon) and select 'Check for updates'. If any updates are available, you will be given the choice the download the latest version. This feature is fairly new, so if you have any problems, please leave a comment in 'Discussions'.


Another new feature is Error reporting. It sends a copy of the error log to me, so that I can fix bugs sooner and more efficiently.

To send the error report, go to the menu and select 'Error Log' > 'Send Error Log'.

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